EV Charging Stations


Want the convenience of you EV charger at home?

You will benefit from the use of electricity from your home source to power up your vehicle. An average electric powered vehicle has a range between 40 miles to 100 miles. Average Americans drive an average of 37 miles a day.

Here is a list of benefits for charging at home

  • Multiple charging models are available for at home charging units with two different levels (AC Level 1, & AC Level 2.)
  • AC Level 1: Requires no additional cost or installation. Charging level gives 2 to 5 miles of range per 1 hour of charging, eight hours of charging to fully charge to 40 miles of electric range.
  • AC Level 2: Electrical contractor can consult with a family to determine if the necessary 240 volts service available. One hour of charging can provide 10-20 miles of electric range.
  • It can be fully charged in about four hours with a 240-volt high current charger.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity, which will be able to monitor your vehicle more closely and learn how to use it more efficiently.

Several Models of Electric Cars:

BMW I3 Chevy Spark EV Fiat 500e Ford Focus Electric
Kia Soul EV Mercedes B- Class Electric Mitsubishi- MIEV Nissan LEAF
Smart Electric Drive Telsa Model S Telsa Model X Volkswagen E-Golf

Our company is familiar with the permit requirements and inspection approvals and the types of systems you can install. You will benefit from working with a company that has the experiences with all types of chargers. In order to get the most satisfaction from your installation, you’ll need the system that will best suited your needs and driving.