Sovereign Electric has built a fine reputation for providing unsurpassed electrical services. Each electrician we employ dedicates his or her work to upholding and advancing this reputation. We provide residential services for rewiring, ceiling fan installation, and service upgrades for appliances.

Federal Pacific Circuit Breakers: Investigation Finds Decades of Danger


In addition, we also provide the following residential services:
Emergency Repairs With same day service, and a fast one-hour response to emergencies to your home.  We are available 24 hours, 7 days.

Panel Replacements

If you are looking to replace your electrical panel board, we can help with a professional installation with a great warranty and improved safety.  Sovereign Electric is experienced in replacing problematic older Zinsco, Wadsworth or Federal Pacific Electric boards (contact for a safety inspection if you have this kind of panel).

Capacity Upgrades

Able to help with capacity upgrades for improved stability and electrical safety – many older homes were simply not designed with today’s modern electrical needs in mind.  We can also help with capacity upgrades for new home additions, air conditioning and heat pump systems, spas, or other needs.

Single To Three Phase Upgrades

If you need even more power in your home, we can help with single to three phase upgrades.


Many older wiring is not up to modern electrical demands and can pose a safety risk (for example aluminium wiring).  We can help rewire your home to bring it up to modern demand and safety standards.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Improving the safety of your home’s electrical system.

Fuse To Circuit Breaker Upgrades

Upgrading old fuse systems to more modern circuit breakers.

Electrical Safety Inspections

Unsafe systems can expose your family to an increased risk of fire or electrocution.  Sovereign Electric can help make your system safer.

Code Compliance

Sovereign Electric can help bring your system up to code.

Up-Front Pricing

With Sovereign Electric, you always know the full price up-front, giving you an informed choice.

Electrical Experts

Sovereign Electric is fully licensed, insured, and has 15+ years experience.



Power surges to your home from lightening and utility supply issues can cause serious damage to your electrical appliances, even destroying them.  That’s why it is so important to protect them with a surge protection system.


Protects Your Whole Home
Smaller power strip surge protectors can only help with lower energy surges, and of course only the electrical devices that are plugged into them.  A cost-effective way to protect all of your home from larger external surges such as lightening is a whole house surge protector, which protects at the electrical service level.  It can help save your computers, TVs, and other electrical devices, not to mention important data and reduce the risk of fire when lightening strikes.  Many homeowners only discover the risk too late.

Leading Systems
Sovereign Electric can show you the leading protection systems including the Intermatic PanelGuard & Cutler Hammer.

Professional Installation
Sovereign Electric is experienced, licensed and fully insured for all of your electrical needs.

Great Warranties
With a warranty of up to 5 years on your new surge protector (see manufacturer literature for full details of warranty).

Up-Front Pricing
With Sovereign Electric you can get a full estimate in advance to help you make an informed choice.


Same Day Lighting Repairs & New Installations
For help with troubleshooting your lighting, adding new light fittings, and replacing lights.

Expert Lighting Design
Bringing a contemporary touch to your home, the latest in lighting design can help put you in control of the mood in your home, and even add to your home’s appeal.  From relaxing soft lighting, to work areas, to accent lighting to bring the best out of your home’s features – Sovereign Electric can help.

Recessed Lighting
Update your home’s lighting with the latest in recessed lighting installations.

Updating Light Switches & Dimmers
Changing older switches or dimmers to the latest designs.  Adding dimmers can even help lower your utility bill, so that you set the light level to the amount you actually require.

Outdoor Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting
Save on your utility bills and help the environment with the latest in LED and ‘green’ lighting technology

Up-Front Pricing
With Sovereign Electric you always know the full price in advance, helping you make an informed choice.